Data-Driven Investment Strategies

We provide access to fully automated and data-driven investment strategies in the FOREX market.

Our network of traders work from fundamental indicators and have years of data across thousands of positions to back up their results. By combining this with the latest in trade automation, our FOREX products can be easily and efficiently integrated into any existing investment strategy through an MT4 integration, allowing retail clients to access institutional plays that are typically kept private.


Traders Monitor Markets for Opportunities


Trades are Distributed to Subscribers via MT4


Results are Tracked Automatically

Highly Liquid

Our trades take full advantage of the incredible liquidity provided by some of the largest FOREX markets. The huge amount of trade volume means that we can ensure individual traders are not affected negatively by slippage or front-running as our total trade volume can be absorbed easily by normal market activity.

Profit & Stop Targets

Each trade comes with a high 70%+ confidence tied to both a profit and stop range designed to ensure a balanced and sustainable long-term strategy. Losses are typically a maximum of a 5% draw-down whilst profits are typically at the 15% range. Each trade is managed independently against its computed chance of success.

Fast Execution

Getting ahead of the competition is half the battle, with the MT4 integration and distributed datacenters allowing trades to be executed quickly and efficiently. Although no liquidity issues are likely to occur, in the event that trades are constantly able to move the market the number of traders into the program will be capped.

MetaTrader Integration

As one of the most well known and widely used trading tools on the market, MetaTrader 4 provides unparalleled access to live market data and to build trading strategies.

Automated Settlement

With hundreds of trades expected to be executed in any one week, automated trade settlement and result tracking is a cornerstone of the product offering. Users may access and audit any trade including its outcome at any time with 24/7 access to a reporting dashboard designed to streamline data analysis.

Optimising Returns Through Technology

Success begins with the right tools

Trader Driven Strategies

Battle-tested strategies with a track record of exceptional results underpins our trading.

Pay on Peformance

Designed for all parties to win, costs are only incurred on profitable trades.

Deep Market Liquidity

Trade close to limitless liquidity with deep volume trading pairs across global FOREX markets.

MT4 Trading Automation

Optimal trade entry and exit points with automated MT4 integration and execution.