Produce Ongoing Revenue Through Feeds

Gain access to Alexa's network of highly engaged traders and investors by turning your trading strategy into an automated MT4 feed.

With a fully qualified list of successful trading strategies instilling confidence, clients who utilise Alexa's feed technology can access a list of trades through MT4. This opens the doors for savvy FOREX traders with strong portfolio performance to integrate their own positions into a paid product and create ongoing monthly revenue on top of trading activity returns.


Traders Monitor Markets for Opportunities


Trades are Distributed to Subscribers via MT4


Results are Tracked Automatically

Turn successful long-term FOREX trading strategies into a revenue-generating asset by utilising our development team and marketplace to produce ongoing monthly subscription from your existing trades.

Operating as a marketplace for traders to sell their trade feeds through MT4, we can assist with technical development and deployment of automated strategies under a licensed revenue share model.
Optimising Returns Through Technology

Success begins with the right tools

Trader Driven Strategies

Battle-tested strategies with a track record of exceptional results underpins our trading.

Pay on Peformance

Designed for all parties to win, costs are only incurred on profitable trades.

Deep Market Liquidity

Trade close to limitless liquidity with deep volume trading pairs across global FOREX markets.

MT4 Trading Automation

Optimal trade entry and exit points with automated MT4 integration and execution.